#3 Large Booklet Pack

#3 Large Booklet Pack

Have a lot to say and limited space? This packaging solution has plenty of room for a 100 page mini-booklet or more

Adjustable Dimensions
Barcode Window
Card Holder
Integrated Booklet
Security Feature

Why Buy Me?

  • Great for integrating multilingual information along with a range of card types.
  • Includes a security flap for keeping booklets and cards in place.
  • Choose different options to integrate a large booklet, a card, double-sided print and a window.
  • Standard Dimensions (Closed): 138 x 82 x 12mm
  • In addition to innovative packaging solutions, Burgopak offers dynamic fulfilment and logistical services that deliver a retail-ready solution, in the world’s best packaging, at a competitive price. Ask us for more details.

I Can Be...

  • Booklet
  • Gift card
  • Invitation
  • SIM card
  • Tickets